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New custom PC's built to order

                 Open noon to 4 PM Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 717 N. High Street, Port Byron, IL. Or, call between 10 AM and 10PM  for service.
Mini with Core i3-8145U Dual Core 1.6-GHz base, w/8-GB RAM, 512-GB SSD,
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: $537 +IL tax. Only 2" tall and 5" wide!

Mini-Desktop Ryzen 3 3200G Quad Core 3.6-GHz base, w/8-GB RAM,
250-GB SSD, and Wi-Fi: $567
+IL tax. Only 6" tall, 3" wide!
Other configurations can be assembled to order.
Warranty and Terms
Contact us for service, or when you're ready for a new PC.
Questions? Call or text (309) 751-4490

NOTE: A card processing fee of 2.82% will be added to all card charges.

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