Warranty and Terms of Sale

  1. All customized J&R PC computers have a one year limited parts and labor warranty, unless stated otherwise in writing. All case, cooling, and power supply fans are warranted for one year only unless fan noise, or other damage, is caused by visible dust build up, in which case the labor only is covered. Fans are not warranted after one year including power supply fans. Keep the original motherboard box that we provide to you when you receive your new J&R PC computer as without it the motherboard warranty may be void. All hard drive warranties after one year, where applicable, are direct with the hard drive manufacturer unless specified otherwise in writing. All parts under extended warranties are direct with the part manufacturer after the first year. Warranty work entails replacing parts other than fans. Other work, not covered by warranty, is billable. Notebook PCs, and towers other than custom built J&R towers, are warranted by the original manufacturer.
  2. Customer PCs upgraded by J&R PC with new motherboards, CPUs, and memory, and demo PC’s, have a 180 day labor and 90 day parts warranty unless stated otherwise in writing. Used PCs, purchased from J&R PC, warranty is 90-days labor only, unless stated otherwise on the invoice. Any returns on used computers will be subject to a 30% return fee, after three days from purchase.
  3. In the event that a problem should occur with any J&R PC, contact us by phone at (309) 751-4490. The customer is responsible for returning the PC to J&R for warranty repairs, and for return freight or pickup, unless on-site service was included in the original or add-on purchase agreement. J&R reserves the right to substitute equivalent or superior performance parts for any defective component.
  4. Customers are responsible for ensuring that software installed on their computer is used properly and is designed for the operating system installed. Customers are also responsible for keeping the operating system patched and up to date.
  5. J&R is not responsible for data loss under any circumstance or condition. We strongly recommend all computer users backup all their important data, and to do so often. A USB drive can be used to both backup your important files and move them to another computer, such as a Notebook that you may travel with. Data protection is your responsibility. We suggest that you be diligent from the beginning and don’t wait until something is lost before backing up your data. For complete hard drive data protection an external USB 3.0 hard drive is recommended along with Macrium Reflect, or similar, drive imaging software. Using a cloud storage service as an additional back up of your files is recommended, You need to make sure that whatever cloud service you use to back up your files is actually doing so and keeping them up to date.
  6. J&R does not warrant any failure of components due to or caused by physical abuse, acts of nature, data corruption, customer installation of incompatible or buggy software, malware of any type, or by alteration of BIOS, UEFI, or OS system files by the end user or any program that modifies the OS files.
  7. On-site setup, where applicable, includes placement of computers and monitors in the customer’s establishment or home, setup of speakers and other peripherals as mutually agreed to, and insuring all components purchased from J&R operate as advertised when the computer system is initially turned on. We do not provide free training on the use of a computer or specific programs on the computer. Training is available on a per hour basis.
  8. Installation of customer owned software or other add-on work that is requested by the customer at the time of delivery and setup will be performed by J&R at a nominal labor rate.
  9. Sale terms are as agreed to with each customer in advance or as otherwise listed on the Invoice. After ten days J&R Enterprises reserves the right to monthly add one and one-half percent to the unpaid portion.
  10. Residential, Iowa customers, and all first time commercial customers are COD payable by cashiers check, money order or greenbacks. Personal checks are not accepted for COD payment except when pre-approved by J&R Enterprises. Credit cards are accepted at our shop but carry a processing fee surcharge of 2.81 percent . Sales tax is due on all non-service sales, except for tax-exempt entities, at the prevailing IL state sales tax rate. Even if the tax is not shown on a quote, for any reason, sales tax will be due.
  11. Cancellation of orders may result in a 15% surcharge.
  12. These terms are subject to change.